What’s the point?

I will tell you now, if you’ve come here looking for another mommy blogger touting the greatness of the lord all mighty, telling you how to live off of $20 a week and how to decorate your house like the inside of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine, you might as well hit next now.

I am agnostic.  I am terrible with budgets and I steal all of my decorating ideas from those other ladies.  No, I am here because my husband asked me to write a blog for him.

My husband is sick.  Not in that “watches porn and asks me to reenact it” sick, but sick as in we have three specialist doctors on speed dial kind of sick.  He was diagnosed with Graves Disease 6 weeks ago.  He also has Thyroid Eye Disease (known as TED) and suffers from what can only be described as bi-polar disorder.

We’ve been searching all over for more information that may help him, something that may help us not feel so alone, and something that might help us figure out what the heck is going on but there is not much out there or no one is talking about it.  Some things we do know:

Graves disease affects both women and men but women are 10 times more likely to have it.

Graves disease is NOT a thyroid condition.  It is an AUTOIMMUNE disease.  (This is one of my biggest pet peeves.  It irritates the shit out of me when people – including doctors – say it is a thyroid disease.  That is not correct.)

Graves disease is NOT curable.  It will always be present in your body.

In our case, it was brought on by stress – very high amounts of stress (more on that in a later post probably).

Untreated graves disease can lead to thyrotoxicosis (in it’s severe form it is known as a thyroid storm – with a death rate of 20%), heart problems, weak and brittle bones, and death.

Currently, my husband’s disease is untreated…..and he has severe symptoms.  It is scary.  It is joltingly scary.  Every day that he wakes up, I am thankful and more angry at doctors and insurance companies.

He is untreated because he is severely allergic to the anti-thyroid medication and the surgeon and  radiologist are taking their sweet ass time getting back with us about our follow up appointments.  He went to one surgeon that refused to operate then dropped the ball and didn’t follow through with his notes or referral to the endocrinologist.  The holidays came upon us and now all the offices are closed.  We start our fight again next Monday morning with the phone calls and emails and follow up phone calls.

So this is the beginning of our story.  Monday can not get here soon enough.

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