All seems well….I think

This is the awesome shirt his co-workers bought him and that he wore to his appointment!

This is the awesome shirt his co-workers bought him and that he wore to his appointment!

So far so good.  I think.  My husband is one of those men that would tell you he is fine even though he has a bone sticking out of his arm and blood squirting all over the place.

He swallowed the pill (20 microCurries) on February 1 in the morning and then came and picked me up from work. I got in the car with him (into the passenger’s seat) and we headed home.  He wore latex gloves and a long sleeved hoodie over his clothes.  We had an hour commute before we were home.  Half way home, he said he was really tired so we pulled into a gas station and switched places.  He decided to sit in the back.

A few minutes later, we received a call from our daughter’s school that she was sick so we stopped by her school and picked her up on our way home.  She sat up front.

We got home and he chilled on his couch the rest of the day.

For a week, he slept on a blow up mattress with his own sheets and blankets and gave me the stink eye every time I walked past him.  He kept to himself and hung out in his office or on his couch while watching T.V.  About 4 days in, he got bored and started chasing me around the house with a green marker poking me and telling me I had cooties.

He is a very affectionate man and was going a bit berserk not being able to touch anyone so he would randomly throw a blanket over our heads and squeeze us tightly for a few seconds then push us away and yell “Don’t touch me!”.  Yes, he is a funny man.  He used one plate and fork the entire week and had his own kitchen towel.  He put his clothes in his own laundry basket and kept his own cup all week.

Nothing glowed.  I was a little disappointed.  We were promised glowing.

After a week, he was back in bed with me.  We had sex after 10 days.  Still no glowing.

Our middle son, our jokster, followed him around for three days waiting for him to fart.  He was convinced that a green cloud would float out.  He was genuinely disappointed when nothing happened.

A month later, he is swollen quite a bit from the steroids.  Others keep commenting that his eyes look like they are not bulging out as much but we discovered that they are the same, it’s just his face has swollen out to his bulging eyes!  He has been very sore; especially his back…and he snores like a wild man.

Lately, he has been getting neck muscle cramps and has experienced some heart rate changes and other physiological irregularities.  Nothing dangerous, but he gets tired quickly.  He forgot to take his pills recently and turned into the grizzly bear from hell which caused some issues.

We have a few weeks left before he gets his blood tests done.  We have no idea what to expect.  So far, things have been the same as they were before with a few set backs.  We are dealing with it, and we are surviving.

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