Numbers are down, pressure is up

So…..  He’s been feeling especially crappy lately and I had a Doctor appointment last week so I went ahead and set an appointment for him do have his blood drawn too.

Within 24 hours, his results had been posted and his doctor had called.  He started his thyroid medication last week!  We are so excited about this!  He is completely off of his beta blocker because his heart rate has regulated too!  This is great news!

Good news first, bad news last?

Glaucoma.  Yep.  Glaucoma.  The pressure in his eyes from TED has increased to the point that he was referred to a glaucoma specialist who confirmed the diagnosis.  It isn’t something that surprised us, as we do a lot of research in this house, but it did disappoint us.  This is yet another thing we will deal with together. One step at a time.

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