It’s getting better, we think, but there’s been another discovery

Darn allergy season.  It makes it difficult to know if he is feeling better or not right now.  With these silly allergies, all of us – not just him – have swollen eyes, are tired, and get frequent headaches.

He’s acting better and he’s got some of his spunk back.  He’s been joking and playing around more at home lately.  I’ve applied for a new job that is a few blocks away from home and pays a third more than my current job.  I know just the thought of getting the job is exciting to all of us.

The idea is that I get a new job that will cover all of us for health insurance so he can finally change to consultant work and start working from home.

Testing revealed that he may also have Addison’s disease.  We are still researching but otherwise, it’s been a good week.  It make us hopeful that it will continue.  We are keeping positive!

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