So we’re home today

Yesterday in the morning at work, he said his lips started to tingle.  By lunch time, his nose had joined the party and by the time it was time to leave, it was all numb.  So today, we are home.

I let him sleep until 9:30 AM.  All night, he was jumpy with leg spasms.

The weird thing is, he’s LOOKED so great this week.  He told me last night that he’s felt worse this week than he has in a long time.

It will get better, right?


Today is going to be “fun”

We are up at the crack of dawn and about to head over to the high school to help build a press box at the football stadium.  

He’s yelled at me three times this morning for no reason already.  

I guess I was naive in thinking that once his medication was figured out he would be done with this part.  Maybe it was wishful thinking? 

His medication is definitely messed up again.  Last night his heart rate dropped to 58 while we were outside in the cold.  It was scary as hell.  He’s so irritated today.  

He’s going to need extra love today.  I’ve got this.