We met the new Endocrinologist on Wednesday.  He was different.  He took one look at David’s blood test results and hit the roof.  He said he couldn’t believe the previous Endo allowed David to go for so long in a hypo state and was very angry about it.  He bumped the meds up and explained that he wanted us to get name brand from now on because of FDA standards that allow for generic medications to have a variance between 80% and 120%!  No wonder we were having so many fluctuations!  He’s taken 3 different generic meds in the last 6 months!

We talked to the doctor about the numb face ordeal and he started asking a lot of questions about allergies and sinuses, etc…  He said it was probably a clogged sinus and the extra pressure in David’s face from his TED might cause a nerve to have been pinched.  Makes sense.