Preop Results and Raw Nerves

Dude.  David is my hero.  He’s just sailing right along all calm, cool, and collected, while I am twitchy, emotional, and very bi-polar.  He is such a rock.  I swear sometimes I think he is just trying to punk me, he is so smooth, and I am such a basket case.

Preop test results came back, and he is indeed alive and kicking.  His heart looked awesome, but his blood tests came back with elevated T-4. Not a show stopper for surgery, but the Nurse Practitioner had to notify his Endocrinologist who will be reviewing his meds after surgery.  Weird thing is, with elevated T-4, it means he has extra thyroid hormone hanging out (Hyper), but David says he feels more Hypo.  He’s been feeling lethargic, and down a lot lately.  Really not hyper symptoms at all.  It could just be psychological symptoms of the stress of upcoming surgery thought.  Luckily, his Endocrinologist doesn’t just go by blood tests, and allows for the patient to give feedback on how he/she FEELS too.  My God, we have been so damn lucky with doctors.  I am not a praying woman, but I thank the Universe every day to have had such an easy time with doctors.  I have ready thousands of horror stories about people and the issues they have had finding good doctors.

So, yah.  Now it is just a matter of getting our ducks in a row at work so we can both be out for at least a week.  Y’all may not know it, but David and I not only work at the same company, but we are in the same department.  So…when we are out at the same time, the department is down two people.  Luckily, we can support our co-workers from home, just not as thoroughly as if we were in the office.

Before the questions begin about working with your spouse, I will answer some of them. No, it is not stressful.  We get along really well.  We really like one another.  We are kind of freaks that way.  Yes, we do get pissy with one another at work every once in a while, just like anyone would with anyone else, but since we are married, I can tell him he’s being an ass – it’s awesome.  It lasts maybe a few seconds then it’s done.  No, we do not show each other favoritism.  I tell him to fill in the damn form just like everyone else.

So, yah.  He still hasn’t agreed to let me post photos of him yet.  I will wear him down.  🙂

Thanks for following our journey!

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