Anxiety Over Unknowns and More Details

We are t-6 days until surgery.

Last night, while we were laying in bed, I asked him to lie still so I could take in his face.  I love his face.  The change has happened so gradually to me that I don’t remember him looking any different.  He is still absolutely beautiful in my eyes.  He is my prince charming.

I am keenly aware of the fact that the face I see today may never be again, so I want to take it in right now and absorb every line, every hair, every whisker.

So, why is he getting this surgery?

Short answer: This surgery is being done because he has TED (Thyroid Eye Disease).  Duh, right?  🙂

Long answer:  TED causes the eyes to protrude out of their sockets.  This causes extreme pressure on the eyes and distorts his vision, causes headaches, and makes him unable to close his eyes all the way at night.  Yes.  When he sleeps, his eyelids are not big enough to completely cover his eyes at night.  I know.  Just thinking of that, makes me irritated too.

This surgery involves, a few cuts around his eyes, and then chipping away at the bone around the eye sockets so that the eyeballs can sit back into the sockets thereby reducing pressure, and improving vision (hopefully).

The kicker is, we won’t know if it works until he heals. Sounds fun, huh?  The really sad part is, not much could be worse than how he feels right now, so it’s a reasonable gamble. The great part is, he is being taken care of by the best specialists in the world.  We are lucky ducks.

Thank you for jointing us on this journey.  Feel free to post questions in the comments section!

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