Fresh Out of Surgery *Possible Trigger Warning*

The surgeon came out around 4:30 to let us know it had gone well and David was doing fine. He told us to expect a call when David was awake and could have visitors. Well, one hour went by, then another hour, and I started getting anxious so I went to the nurse’s station to see if everything was okay. It was all okay except that David’s chart got messed up and there were discharge orders entered when there shouldn’t have been so it caused a big mix up with finding a bed for the night. 

This wonderful nurse, whose name I did not get, walked me to the icu to his room. I was a little apprehensive to walk in because I didn’t want to be shocked and worry David.  I wasn’t shocked though. He looked much less swollen and bruised than I expected.  He was just barely out of his Anastasia fog but as soon as he heard my voice, his hand went up for me to grab. He opened his eyes and tried to look at me but couldn’t get them open enough to see. 

I talked to him for a while and took some photos.  I asked him if I could share them and he said yes.  

WARNING these photos may be disturbing to some. Please please don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  I was a little shocked at the residual blood all over his face and in his hair but I felt like he looked darn good!  The gauze fell off and the left eye was bleeding quite a bit still. The nurse said he will have blood tears for a few days.
He was in good spirits and had forgotten about the chicken nuggets by this time.  He said he was a little nauseous. We stayed for about 20 minutes and he said he was really tired and was feeling like he might need the pain meds. So, we said goodbye and headed home. He is such a trooper! 

We have no idea how long it will take form him to heal and we won’t know if he will require additional surgeries until he heals either.  It is possible his muscles will need tightening or his eyes may need straightening out but we are hopeful that won’t be necessary.  

For now, we are just glad this part is over and the healing can begin.

Good night all. I will post more photos tomorrow.  Until then…..

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