We arrived at the hospital at 11:30 and began check in. Everything appears to be so organized and well put together. It is very comforting.

After check in, we headed upstairs for preop. Ainsley had to stay in the waiting area because the preop room was small. The preop area was insane. It was very overwhelming. It was set up in a U shape and rooms are lined up along the U with patients in each room. It took a while to get his IV set because he was really cold and his veins just weren’t being cooperative. The nurse wrapped his hands in a warm blanket and added a heating element to it so he could relax. The surgical team came in and explained the surgery and recovery.

David was in good spirits but wasn’t flirting with the nurses, so I think he was a little nervous.


They will cut along his upper eye lid, and his inner lid along the bridge of his nose. They will chip away bone from the outer edges of his eye sockets, as well as along his inner sockets around his nose cavity. The surgery will take about 2 hours and he will be in the recovery room for an hour. He will not be bandaged up because he needs to be able to open his eyes and make sure there is not a build up of blood behind the eye.

They said he will be black and blue and kind of beat up looking. The nurse told me I could take credit for it, if I wanted. Lol.

The surgical assistant called at 1:54 to let me know David was asleep and the surgery has begun. He said he is doing fine.

Now we wait.

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