Day 1 Post-Op

Apparently, the hospital never got the discharge orders reversed, and David’s nurse spent the evening arguing to get him a bed which never happened, so he ended up staying in the ICU all night.  It was good for him though, as he was lucky enough to end up in the Cardiac Unit, which is like staying at the Four Seasons over the Holiday Inn (only due to lack of beds, not because he needed to be in the Cardiac Unit!).

We picked him up at 9:30 AM and he was settling into his butt groove on the couch in our living room by 10:45 AM.

He is opening his eyes today and has enjoyed better vision as such.  He says he is still seeing with extreme double vision though.  Sleeping is not nice for him because when we go into REM sleep, our eyes move, and it is that movement that is very painful for him.  The surgical assistant told him this morning that his muscles were extremely stretched, so it might take a while for those muscles to relax back into the correct shape.

He changed into comfy clothes and we washed all the blood off of his head and face, so he looks much better now.  He didn’t get any special instructions on showering or anything, so hopefully he feels well enough to do that soon.

He has to keep ice packs on his face for 72 hours in the 20 on/20 off pattern.  He says he feels good after the ice, so he doesn’t mind.  Of course, we are using the bag-o-peas method.  đŸ™‚

Every four hours, he has to take a steroid, an antibiotic, and I get the pleasure of squeezing oily goop into his lower eye lid.  It’s not awesome, but he said he would pull the eyelid down for me, so I don’t have to do that part.  Thank goodness.

We fed him a little macaroni and cheese (he said opening his mouth too wide and biting down hard hurts), and gave him all of his meds.  The breathing tube removal damaged the roof of his mouth, so that is sore too, and his voice is real scratchy, but normal for someone just coming out of surgery.

He is still in good spirits, and he got to FaceTime our oldest son who is away at college.  I think that was the highlight of his day today so far!  I am making chicken stew in the crock pot, and he is sleeping now.  Yes, he is snoring.  Ha ha ha!

Ok, so, here he is today.  He is much more bruised and swollen today than last night:

Day 2

Day 2, about 18 hour post-op.

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