Day 2 post-Op

He slept pretty good last night, which is a good thing!  I was able to get him in the shower this morning, which was also a good thing!

He hasn’t been thrilled about taking the Norco pain medication, so he tried regular Tylenol, and that worked last night, but not today.  He says his pain is about a 7 on a scale of 10 today, but he’s been using his eyes a lot this morning.  His appetite is not quite back so he is snacking throughout the day on little things.  He still has extreme double vision but is doing well by kind of holding his hands in front of him to feel the walls (so he knows which one is real!) while he is walking around.

And…he just sneezed.  That kind of sucked.  It scared the crap out of both of us!  His eyes stayed in their socket though, so that’s good.  😉

Here is he today after the shower:


Feb 7, 2016; Day 3; about 44 hours after surgery.


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