Day 3 Post-Op

Please know that this blog is being written and shared because David and I have not been able to find a lot of information from men that have Graves disease, and/or TED.  We are sharing our story, as it happens, so that others that may be going through this, can know they are not alone, and hopefully can cope a little better.

Now, onto today’s post:

It was a rough night, that resulted in little sleep for David.  I, on the other hand, slept well.  He looks tired today, and is moving pretty slowly.

He said today, he is in more pain than he has been so far.  The swelling is starting to subside, so he is feeling the actual underlying surgery wounds.  Another issue is that he hasn’t pooped.  I know that might be a little T.M.I. for some, but it is a big deal.  He is uncomfortable and scared to go to the bathroom.  If you’ve ever had a baby, you know that feeling….  He’s also not in the mood to eat either.

So, today, he will be resting.  Hopefully I can get some food in him soon.

Here he is today:

Day 4

February 8, 2016; Day 4 post-op; about 75 hours after surgery

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