Day 5 Post-Op

The double vision is starting to concern us.  Both of us work in IT, so vision is important to our livelihood.  Today, he sat at the computer for quite a while, working, and doing our son’s taxes.  He has found that focusing hard on one item causes him to break out in a sweat, and movement of his eyes is still extremely painful.  He said is overall pain level is much better today, but he has a very raspy voice.  He sounds like he has a cold, but he can’t tell with all of the other stuff going on with his sinuses.

We went out at lunch time for a hair cut, then headed to a local Thai restaurant for lunch.  The restaurant was up a long set of weirdly colored stairs, and he did really well going up and down them.  I am probably way too protective of him, but he’s being a good sport and letting me dote on him.

Tomorrow is his post-op check up.  We are hoping to hear that everything is healing as expected.  He looks better too.  His bruising is starting to heal, but his eyes themselves are looking yellow.  I have to admit, I’m a little worried about that.

Here he is today:


I told him he looked sad, so he tried to smile.                          Feb 10, 2016; 5 days post-op.


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