Day 6 Post-Op – Follow up Appointment

Today David had his post-op follow up at Shiley Eye Center. It was a quick visit that left both of us feeling more confident that his recovery is going really well. I have to stop for a minute and acknowledge how wonderful David is and how fascinating our bodies are. He has been so fortunate on this entire journey and I know a lot of it has to do with his positive attitude about the whole thing. He really is amazing.

Dr. Korn asked him about the double vision and David mentioned that it is bad enough to make his nauseated. Dr. Korn did the follow my finger bit and with very convincing authority said he is pretty sure the double vision will correct itself and go away. He told us that David’s recovery is exactly where it should be and that everything looked really good. He also told David to start using his eyes as much as possible. David smiled and said, “Yeah! More T.V., and beer!” The one thing we forgot to ask about was David’s voice. His voice is still pretty raspy and he kind of sounds like he has a cold, but without the symptoms.

Today was the first day we have been out pretty much all day, so he didn’t get any rest in, and he was very tired tonight. He said his pain level was almost non existent today, but by the end of the day, his eyes were annoyed. He was back to his bag of peas over his eyes, and laying down by 7 tonight.

Here he is tonight (after a full day of eye duty and after I put his eye ointment medicine in and on his eyes):



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