8 Days Post Op

It has been an amazing week. It is hard to believe that just 8 days ago we were pacing the floors at Thorton Hospital.
David is looking great, and he seems to be feeling good too! Last night, our daughter had her Valentines dance, so after picking her up, we all headed out to the local brewery downtown. It was quiet when we arrived at 5:30 but by 8, when we left, it was hopping! We had some great beer, and pizza, and listened to live music. It was an awesome night of fun. Here are David and Ainsley posing for a photo we sent to grandpa and uncle Bill:


By the end of the night, David was still energetic and we ended up staying up until 10 or so!

Today, he cleaned the car and spent time outside bird watching. It was a Saturday, so that means rugby for our family. David is pretty tired tonight and has had some difficulty with his eyes feeling gritty tonight. We are medicating his eyes 4 times a day still, and he still hates it. He has been using his right eye quite a bit because he can see very clearly out of it but Dr. Korn told him to use both eyes so his left eye will strengthen up which will help with the double vision. Today he watched movies and really focused on using that left eye. He said it is already making a difference. Unfortunately, it still causes him to break out in a sweat and get tired pretty easily. This too shall pass though.

Here he is this afternoon right before we put his medicine in his eyes:

Yes, he is smiling(ish).

Thanks for sharing our journey!

One thought on “8 Days Post Op

  1. We love your family and all of you continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Please let us know if we can ever do anything for you. xoxo

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