16 Days Post-Op

It has been a pretty amazing week.  David went back to work on Tuesday, Feb 16, 2016 only 11 days after his surgery.  It was a very busy week at work for everyone, so he jumped in with both feet and got to work.

His double vision is getting better.  He discovered that his really strong reading glasses aren’t needed anymore, so we headed out to get lower strength glasses on Wednesday.  Every day, there is a change in his eyes and appearance.  We spent the weekend in the sun, watching Ian play rugby (good game, by the way, kid!), and he was regretting the sun and dry air today, but  tonight, while watching TV, he said, his vision was almost there.

Both he and I have been sneezing like crazy this weekend, and are feeling very tired, so I think it may be our yearly hay fever time.  It seems to be making his eyes more irritated right now.  He’s been very diligent about using eye drops and the gel medication to keep his eyes clean and hydrated.  His eye lid stitches have started coming out on their own already.  It kinds freaked him out a little the first time one of them came out, but after that first one, he just rolled with it.

It really has been an amazing journey.  I am so amazed with him and how quickly he is healing.  I really and truly believe his recovery is 100% attributed to his positive attitude.

I really am the luckiest wife ever.  My husband is a Riser, and he’s freaking awesome.

David 2 weeks out

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