A week of blessings

I just can’t stop smiling this week.

Yesterday, we got the awesome news that our oldest son, who had been suffering with a ruptured cervical disc for a while now, will be able to have disc replacement surgery and will be back on the rugby field by this up coming season!

Today, David got glasses.

…AND sunglasses. As we walked out of the store, all I can hear him saying is, “Wow”, “Oh my god, wow”, “wow”. Ha ha! He’s been reading all the fine print on everything out loud to everyone.

It’s so amazing! I am beyond thrilled for him, so I can only imagine how excited he is feeling.

It’s been an amazing week so far. I can’t wait to see what other awesome things life has in store for this family!!!!

One thought on “A week of blessings

  1. What a journey. I’ve been there with 4 surgeries for TED. Keep up the healing. Thanks for writing. There is so little out there.

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