Three weeks post op

He’s been back at work for two weeks and is doing really well!

His left eye is healing slower than his right eye and by the end of the day, he looks like Popeye with one eye closed. The double vision is getting better. Bright lights and sun light are still pretty bad for him, and he is fighting with “eye grit” daily. 

He says he the vision in his right eye is very clear, and he can read his iPhone screen with his left eye closed and no glasses. That’s so awesome. 

He has another check up in a few weeks!


16 Days Post-Op

It has been a pretty amazing week.  David went back to work on Tuesday, Feb 16, 2016 only 11 days after his surgery.  It was a very busy week at work for everyone, so he jumped in with both feet and got to work.

His double vision is getting better.  He discovered that his really strong reading glasses aren’t needed anymore, so we headed out to get lower strength glasses on Wednesday.  Every day, there is a change in his eyes and appearance.  We spent the weekend in the sun, watching Ian play rugby (good game, by the way, kid!), and he was regretting the sun and dry air today, but  tonight, while watching TV, he said, his vision was almost there.

Both he and I have been sneezing like crazy this weekend, and are feeling very tired, so I think it may be our yearly hay fever time.  It seems to be making his eyes more irritated right now.  He’s been very diligent about using eye drops and the gel medication to keep his eyes clean and hydrated.  His eye lid stitches have started coming out on their own already.  It kinds freaked him out a little the first time one of them came out, but after that first one, he just rolled with it.

It really has been an amazing journey.  I am so amazed with him and how quickly he is healing.  I really and truly believe his recovery is 100% attributed to his positive attitude.

I really am the luckiest wife ever.  My husband is a Riser, and he’s freaking awesome.

David 2 weeks out

Guess whose going to work tomorrow?

We’ve had such an amazing week. David continues to get better every day, and will be returning to work tomorrow, Feb 17!

We were out all day today at Fashion Valley mall then finished the day with the epic Dead Pool movie. It was awesome; the day, and the movie. 

He says he is really looking forward to going in tomorrow!

8 Days Post Op

It has been an amazing week. It is hard to believe that just 8 days ago we were pacing the floors at Thorton Hospital.
David is looking great, and he seems to be feeling good too! Last night, our daughter had her Valentines dance, so after picking her up, we all headed out to the local brewery downtown. It was quiet when we arrived at 5:30 but by 8, when we left, it was hopping! We had some great beer, and pizza, and listened to live music. It was an awesome night of fun. Here are David and Ainsley posing for a photo we sent to grandpa and uncle Bill:


By the end of the night, David was still energetic and we ended up staying up until 10 or so!

Today, he cleaned the car and spent time outside bird watching. It was a Saturday, so that means rugby for our family. David is pretty tired tonight and has had some difficulty with his eyes feeling gritty tonight. We are medicating his eyes 4 times a day still, and he still hates it. He has been using his right eye quite a bit because he can see very clearly out of it but Dr. Korn told him to use both eyes so his left eye will strengthen up which will help with the double vision. Today he watched movies and really focused on using that left eye. He said it is already making a difference. Unfortunately, it still causes him to break out in a sweat and get tired pretty easily. This too shall pass though.

Here he is this afternoon right before we put his medicine in his eyes:

Yes, he is smiling(ish).

Thanks for sharing our journey!

Day 6 Post-Op – Follow up Appointment

Today David had his post-op follow up at Shiley Eye Center. It was a quick visit that left both of us feeling more confident that his recovery is going really well. I have to stop for a minute and acknowledge how wonderful David is and how fascinating our bodies are. He has been so fortunate on this entire journey and I know a lot of it has to do with his positive attitude about the whole thing. He really is amazing.

Dr. Korn asked him about the double vision and David mentioned that it is bad enough to make his nauseated. Dr. Korn did the follow my finger bit and with very convincing authority said he is pretty sure the double vision will correct itself and go away. He told us that David’s recovery is exactly where it should be and that everything looked really good. He also told David to start using his eyes as much as possible. David smiled and said, “Yeah! More T.V., and beer!” The one thing we forgot to ask about was David’s voice. His voice is still pretty raspy and he kind of sounds like he has a cold, but without the symptoms.

Today was the first day we have been out pretty much all day, so he didn’t get any rest in, and he was very tired tonight. He said his pain level was almost non existent today, but by the end of the day, his eyes were annoyed. He was back to his bag of peas over his eyes, and laying down by 7 tonight.

Here he is tonight (after a full day of eye duty and after I put his eye ointment medicine in and on his eyes):



Day 5 Post-Op

The double vision is starting to concern us.  Both of us work in IT, so vision is important to our livelihood.  Today, he sat at the computer for quite a while, working, and doing our son’s taxes.  He has found that focusing hard on one item causes him to break out in a sweat, and movement of his eyes is still extremely painful.  He said is overall pain level is much better today, but he has a very raspy voice.  He sounds like he has a cold, but he can’t tell with all of the other stuff going on with his sinuses.

We went out at lunch time for a hair cut, then headed to a local Thai restaurant for lunch.  The restaurant was up a long set of weirdly colored stairs, and he did really well going up and down them.  I am probably way too protective of him, but he’s being a good sport and letting me dote on him.

Tomorrow is his post-op check up.  We are hoping to hear that everything is healing as expected.  He looks better too.  His bruising is starting to heal, but his eyes themselves are looking yellow.  I have to admit, I’m a little worried about that.

Here he is today:


I told him he looked sad, so he tried to smile.                          Feb 10, 2016; 5 days post-op.


Day 4 Post-Op

Yesterday, David was feeling kind of independent, so we drove down town and walked around. We live in a small village nestled just above the De Luz Valley, and most of the shops are closed on Monday, so I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of people out for him to worry about. He did really well, but it tired him out. So far, his limit is about 2 hours of light activity, then he needs to rest. I treated him to a pedicure at the end of his long day though.

All of the activity was good though, because he slept last night and woke up hungry! He slept until about 8:30 this morning and had a big bowl of fruit for breakfast. I needed to log in and work today, so he got all set up in the living room with floor pillows, and blankets and camped out watching movies. I am pretty sure he napped a little too!

His pain level is at about a 7 out of 10 but his bruising is starting to diminish, and the swelling is way down. He says that it feels like a really bad sinus headache with the pressure and fullness you feel but one hundred times worse. I think he is a little concerned because his double vision is not going away. He can see clearer, but with extreme double vision, he says. He has been able to read emails and see television menus, but the effort is stressful on his eyes still, so he can’t do too much at once.

We went to Carl’s Jr. For dinner and he didn’t wear his sun glasses. Here he is tonight: