It’s Been a While

What a year 2015 has been!  We’ve had a child complete their first semester of College, bought a new car, both promoted at work, and life is good.

On the Graves front, things seems to ebb and flow.  Some days are good, some days are bad.  We are learning to just roll with it.  It is hard to know exactly when the bad days really are because David is not a complainer, and he has never been one to wallow in self pity.  He just gets up and does what he needs to do.  It’s not until later when he is pale, and can’t concentrate then passes out on the couch that I know he’s overdone it.

Christmas brought us some excellent news though, and I will be updating the blog with more information as we get it.  Barring insurance approval, David is getting orbital decompression surgery!  We were so shocked when the doctors asked him when he wanted to schedule his surgery, that we both just kind of looked at one another and stuttered!

We are hoping to do it over the Martin Luther King holiday so that I can be home with him for a few days (I’m out of sick leave because of a darn upper respiratory infection!).  I will start posting photos soon and will try to catalogue everything I can between now and his recovery!

Here’s to an awesome 2016!


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