Four Weeks Post op

We are in Vegas! 

Our oldest son attends the University of Arizona and their game was scheduled in Las Vegas during the Vegas Sevens tournament. The thing is, he didn’t know we were coming!  (We didn’t either until lunch time yesterday!)

I think both Ian and David were happy to see each other!



Thank you to my friend, Joni, for snapping this moment! 

As far as recovery goes, he is doing really well! He still favors his right eye and is still Popeye by the end of the day. He is getting a lot of grit and eye gunk almost continuously. Being here in the very dry Las Vegas air is not sitting well with his eyes either. His vision, however, is almost normal for a man in his late 40’s. That is awesome!

Our second follow up with the Doctor is next Thursday. We are going to talk to him about the left eye, the eye gunk, and dryness.

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