This disease makes me feel like a bad person

He gets in these moods where he finds fault in everything. Nothing makes him happy and he gripes and yells at everyone in his path. Then he acts like the world is coming to an end and starts throwing a pity party. It irritates me. It makes me feel inadequate – because I can’t get the house clean enough; I don’t make the kids clean their room to the point of sparkling; I sit here and blog; because he can’t find something I gave him 2 days ago……whatever.  I feel like shit but I know it is not HIM, it is days like this that I understand how this disease tears families apart.

I want to just scream at him and yell and be a bitch toward him. Instead, I have to stop, take a deep breath, and remind myself that he is not doing this on purpose.  My kids are dealing with this too and it is so hard to explain to them the best way to deal with it. Will this go away after his thyroid is removed or will it get worse?

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