Day 4 Post-Op

Yesterday, David was feeling kind of independent, so we drove down town and walked around. We live in a small village nestled just above the De Luz Valley, and most of the shops are closed on Monday, so I knew there wouldn’t be a lot of people out for him to worry about. He did really well, but it tired him out. So far, his limit is about 2 hours of light activity, then he needs to rest. I treated him to a pedicure at the end of his long day though.

All of the activity was good though, because he slept last night and woke up hungry! He slept until about 8:30 this morning and had a big bowl of fruit for breakfast. I needed to log in and work today, so he got all set up in the living room with floor pillows, and blankets and camped out watching movies. I am pretty sure he napped a little too!

His pain level is at about a 7 out of 10 but his bruising is starting to diminish, and the swelling is way down. He says that it feels like a really bad sinus headache with the pressure and fullness you feel but one hundred times worse. I think he is a little concerned because his double vision is not going away. He can see clearer, but with extreme double vision, he says. He has been able to read emails and see television menus, but the effort is stressful on his eyes still, so he can’t do too much at once.

We went to Carl’s Jr. For dinner and he didn’t wear his sun glasses. Here he is tonight:


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